An agent against scale “Stirovit”, 35 washes
ресурс: на 35 стирок
price: 54 UAH
An agent against scale “Stirovit”, 35 washes
An agent against scale “Stirovit”, 35 washes
“Stirovit” prevents actively scale buildup in washing machines, decreases activity chlorine in water, rises quality of wash. As a result of usage full preserving is arisen the most delicate pieces of technology, as follows:

- THE is preserved from scale dependably and other stratums;
- a rubber surround and a collar preserve their elasticity;
- a case is preserved effectively from corrosion.

Consequently, a washing machine will serve longer without costly repair.
Stirovit is evident profit:
- energy saving so far 20 %;
- saving abstergent so far 30 %;
- preserve a washing machine from potential crippling.

Add “Vitamins” in your washing machine at every wash and it will serve you continuously and for a long time!
Instruction for use: add 1 tablet in a washing machine drum (dosage is built upon hard water) at each washing.

All products of series SVOD are marked the “Green Line”. This certification guarantees high consumer quality and ecological cleanness. Products are produced without polyphosphates, causing irreparable damage to the environment and therefore human health.

Packaging - 35 tablets

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An agent against scale “Stirovit”, 35 washes
An agent against scale “Stirovit”, 35 washes